The Artist

Dave Wasylyshen was born in 1958 in Ottawa. He is a third generation Canadian of Ukrainian descent who has spent most of his life residing in Winnipeg, Manitoba. David's family roots originated in the Canora (Saskatchewan) and Seech (Manitoba) areas.

Dave’s love of art began many years ago with stained glass as his medium, creating numerous art pieces in three-dimensional configurations. Dave has always been fascinated in creating artwork that is multi-dimensional.

In 2004, Dave's artistic interests led him to creatively pursuing the development of the Pysanka Mosaic. Over the last 7 years, Dave has perfected the creation of the Pysanka Mosiac that his late father Ted originally developed in 1994. In 2011, Dave launched a new series of Mosaics, “Mosaics in Glass” – unique pysanka mosaics semi-embedded into stained glass.

Each Mosaic piece is unique. Each Mosaic piece cannot be mass produced nor duplicated. A substantial amount of time, effort and patience is used in designing and creating each and every Mosaic.

In the last few years, Dave has taught the process to his children, Derek and Kaira, and to his mother, Evelyn. Although each family artist has an identifying style in the creation of their own personal mosaic, Dave and his mother often collaborate together in critiquing and advising each other’s patterns, designs and egg pieces chosen.