Awards + Accolades

2021 Royal Canadian Mint Pysanka Coin

Designed by: David Wasylyshen

David was both approached and selected to design the 2021 Pysanka Collectors Coin for the Royal Canadian Mint. It was important for David to continue Ukrainian aesthetic whilst simultaneously appealing to the general public. The 1 oz. $20 coin is of pure silver and was fabricated by the Royal Canadian mint. The coin is a collectors piece and is big enough to fit in the palm of your hand! 

The coin measures 45mm long by 33mm wide, with a nominal metal weight of 31.82 grams. The reverse design is by our very own, David Wasylyshen which features a colorful arrangement of traditional pysanka motifs that come together to represent love, hope, and new beginnings. The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.

As mentioned on the Royal Canadian Mint Website:

"A collector favorite! An egg-shaped symbol of rebirth and renewal, the pysanka is both a cherished cultural expression and a centuries-old rite of spring. The meaning of each color and symbol has evolved over time, but on this pysanka coin, layers of art are mixed with 99.99% pure silver to express good will and celebrate a season of new beginnings."

The initials "DW" are inscribed on the reverse design, signifying that the artist behind the works is no other then David Wasylyshen. We are so proud of David for his dedication and work ethic as we could not be any happier the way the coin turned out!

In the end, the Royal Canadian Mint sold the coin for a retail cost of $139.95 to which 5000 in total were made. We were notified as the coin sold out in under 3 minutes since becoming available to the general public. As a studio, we are so grateful and thankful to have been given the honor to design a coin and a new opportunity to share the colors, art, and culture of the Ukrainian people with everyone!

Thank You All..

To my past and present clients and art critics, a sincere thank you for your on-going comments and remarks - I appreciate them all! Below, a few notable commentaries to share with you........

"Vibrant, beautiful, outstanding cultural and artistic display that has taken the Ukrainian Easter Egg to another level of artistic beauty and preservation." Los Angeles, USA

 "Unbelievable unique pieces of artwork considering the media Dave has used, and how he has incorporated a traditional form of Ukrainian art that can be displayed into a contemporary fashion." Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"Mezmorizing, beautiful piece of art - continues to be a major conversation piece for everyone visiting our office and home." Brownsville, Texas, USA

"Magnificant piece of Ukrainian artwork." Pennsylvania, USA

"Truly, a very unique piece of artwork; very happy to include into my private art collection". Tokyo, Japan

"David, you have taken my late mothers and grandmothers’ pysanky and transformed them, preserving them into an art piece that I will dearly treasure for the rest of my life.  My kids and grandchildren did not want the pysanky, but they all want the Mosaics.  Absolutely beautiful!" Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

"Received the Mosaic today……pictures do not do justice to the actual Mosaic, have to see it to believe it…….WOW." Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dave, you’ve just given thee ole traditional beautiful Ukrainian Easter Egg a shot of BOTOX, beautifully done”. Minnesota, USA