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The beauty and intricate design of the Pysanka (decorated Ukrainian Easter eggs) has long been recognized as a contribution to world culture and art.  Pysanka Mosaic is the result of a very long and unique creative process that preserves and expresses yet another form of this treasured art.


Each year a limited quantity of Pysanka Mosaics are produced. Please glance through our gallery to view formerly available art pieces, in addition to reviewing the latest Mosaics available for purchase. Should you or your organization be interested in a custom piece of art, please contact us for further details.




"Vibrant, beautiful, outstanding cultural and artistic display that has taken the Ukrainian Easter Egg to another level of artistic beauty and preservation".


"Unbelievable unique pieces of artwork considering the media Dave has used and how he has incorporated a traditional form of Ukrainian art that can now be displayed into a modern contemporary fashion".